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Exploring the World by Working Abroad

Exploring the World by Working Abroad

There are limitless opportunities available to any U.S. citizen who wants to travel the world. One financially prudent way to experience different cultures is by working abroad, as a civil servant or private citizen.

Home is where your heart is, so follow your heart.

The United States is a large country, and many of its citizens live their entire lives within the confines of its borders. Some people, however, are born with a wanderlust that isn’t satisfied by the contiguous 48 states, Alaska or Hawaii.

These individuals yearn for foreign shores, wishing at least to visit them before they die. What if you found out that you could globe trot and get paid to do so, would you go? There are more ways than you might imagine to obtain a position working abroad, in just about every career field and area of interest.

Become a caregiver for the young or infirm.

Perhaps one of the oldest ways for a person to work abroad is to become a caregiver. Traditionally, a child care position has been an ideal way to experience a new culture while earning a paycheck. If you prefer working with the elderly or disabled, there are abundant opportunities for caring individuals to work in countries around the globe.

Provide medicine and humanitarian aid to those in need.

The organizations that provide relief to people in aggrieved conditions all over the world are too numerous to list in this short article. Some notable organizations are the CDC, The White Feather Foundation (founded by Julian Lennon), Doctors Without Borders, and many more. These relief efforts are focused assisting people with medical care, clean water, education, and sustainability programs.

Many of these organizations have positions available that allow U.S. citizens the chance to see and aid first-hand the issues that are typically only seen in media. These positions are usually paid but require certain certification and qualifications to be present before applying to work abroad.

Teach English to students in nearly every country on Earth.

If language is your passion, say “Hello!” to students around the globe, and help them improve their English language skills while you learn or improve your own linguistic interests. This position is in demand in virtually every nation, so with a little research and a TEFL certification, you could find a position teaching English as a second language wherever you dream of being.

Bon voyage, and many happy returns.

If you’ve been inspired to chase your dreams and look further into working abroad, you should be aware of a few important details. First, these positions are usually short term, and only require a passport, visa, and approval to travel abroad for work. Second, there is no rule that says you can’t look for further opportunities once you are there. Third, many of these positions have the potential lead to permanent career advancement.

There are so many great reasons to work abroad. Do your research, get your visa, and get to work.